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Dried mulberries: traders far from satisfied

October 19, 2022 at 11:33 AM, Der AUDITOR
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IZMIR. Domestic and export sales are extremely weak for Turkish mulberries. Curiously, prices have, however, risen a bit.

Economic crisis slows buying

The season has been a great disappointment for mulberry traders in Turkey so far. Domestic and export sales have slumped due to low demand. The most important export destinations may comprise Germany, the Netherlands and the USA, but the global economic situation has prompted all three countries to reduce imports of expensive products such as mulberries. While Turkey shipped 58,803 kg of mulberries to Germany between 1 August and 13 October 2021, this figure slumped to 20,700 kg in the same period this year. A similar trend has emerged for shipments to the United States as the export volume has declined sharply from 36,666 kg in 2021 to 9,844 kg in 2022.

Curious price rise

Farmgate prices have, however, risen.  This is because local traders have stepped up buying, which has prompted prices to rise to TRY 60-70/kg. Export prices have, however, remained firm at EUR 4.20-4.50/kg (USD 4.13-4.23/kg) EXW. Turkey will produce an estimated 4,000 mt of mulberries this year.


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