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Flaxseed: Haloxyfop contamination is a risk

November 11, 2016 at 2:57 PM , Der AUDITOR
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WARSAW. The onset of winter is not only a problem in Canada, but also in Kazakhstan, where farmers are faced with enormous problems.

Fields were snowed in and the harvest had to be interrupted, it is said that about 17% of the cultivated acreage could not be harvested. Although warmer temperatures made sure that the snow disappeared quickly again, many fields are still too wet yet, as that farmers could risk using heavy machinery on them. Depending on weather conditions in the coming weeks, it cannot be ruled out that the remaining crop will still be harvested.

Prices are rising      
Prices have increased for Eastern European flaxseed due to higher demand from China, which is being registered by Western European buyers by now, also. A major Russian seed trader is also getting involved again on the flaxseed market in the meantime. Currently, flaxseed, brown, 99.9% purity, is being offered at 470-475 EUR/mt DDP Germany.  

flaxseed prices, Eastern Europe



97% purity, FCA Kazakhstan


99.9% purity, DDP Germany


Haloxyfop analyses
As traders report, there are about 1,000 mt of Russian flaxseed located in Poland, which could have elevated haloxyfop values. The EU determined in 2002 already not to permit use of plant protection products containing haloxyfop. However, the use of haloxyfop-p and haloxyfop-p-methyl has been permitted since 2011. Haloxyfop residues in flaxseed, though, have not been permitted for a few months now.
It was determined by EU regulation 2015/2075 that the limit value of haloxyfop will be lowered to 0.01 mg/kg as of 09.06.2016. Traders are currently analysing flaxseed to determine if their merchandise is affected.

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