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Flaxseed: supplies dwindle in Kazakhstan

January 26, 2022 at 10:48 AM, Der AUDITOR
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NUR-SULTAN/MOSCOW. While adverse weather conditions caused flaxseed yields to slump in Canada and in Kazakhstan, Russia is the silver lining for buyers at present. Although yields are also down here, an increase in sowing was able to compensate for this.

Russia exports 500,000 mt

As Russia has the largest area sown on record production was good despite lower yields. Russia, in fact, presents the only viable alternative for overeas buyers this season. Therefore it is small wonder that exports reached around 500,000 mt in the first six months of the season (Jul-Dec 2021). The country has, in other words, already shipped 60% of its supplies.

Exports, by contrast, declined by 36% in Kazakhastan between September and November. They only ranged at 90,300 mt as oppsed to the 140,400 mt shipped in the same period in

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