Macadamias: cyclone damages Zimbabwe's crop

February 16, 2022 at 4:17 PM , Der AUDITOR
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HARARE. Overall, market players are optimistic about the 2022 crop, but tropical storm "Anna" has now caused massive crop damage in Zimbabwe. In Europe, spot market supplies are becoming scarce.

Prices in Europe are rising

Most macadamia growing countries are currently in the off-season and awaiting the development of the 2022 crop, so the last stocks of the 2021 crop are currently being offered. Most purchases in the countries of origin have already been completed and Antares reports that an assessment of spot market stocks is currently underway to see if demand can be met until the new crop arrives. So far, it looks as if there might be a shortage in Europe. This has already led to price increases on the European spot market in recent weeks.

Macadamia nuts



Style 0, Kenya


Style 1L, 16-20 mm, Kenya


Style 2S, 13-16 mm, Kenya


Style 0, Australia


Style 1, South Africa


Style 3, South Africa


FCA Spain

High damage in Zimbabwe

Overall, market players are optimistic about the new crop - everything points to high yields and large kernels. In Zimbabwe, however, cyclone "Anna" has put a spoke in the producers' wheel. Especially in the Chipinge growing region in the east of the country, farmers have suffered heavy losses after their mature trees were uprooted. This is reported by the Chronicle. In recent years, macadamia cultivation has expanded here after more smallholders entered the sector. Macadamias from Zimbabwe are mainly exported to Europe and China and exporters report good demand as the nuts are promoted as a particularly healthy food in times of pandemic.

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