Macadamias: situation in Australia eases

July 20, 2022 at 12:46 PM , Der AUDITOR
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CANBERRA. After the floods at the beginning of the year, the AMS and Australian growers are optimistic again. The harvest is now in full swing here.

Good yields despite adversities

After heavy rains hit the Australian macadamia growing regions at the beginning of the year, conditions have now improved significantly. Heavy flooding had a devastating effect on the plantations at the time and had also destroyed the infrastructure as well as many of the growers' machines. Jolyon Burnett, Chairman of the Australian Macadamia Society (AMS), is now optimistic again.

“It is very pleasing to report that the New South Wales growing regions have returned to fine weather, and harvest is once again underway on most orchards,” said Mr Burnett. “Flood-affected orchards in southeast Queensland are also harvesting again and pleasingly their yields are exceeding expectations, which should see them deliver a similar result to last year.”

Quality is also convincing

According to the AMS, the largest producing region, Bundaberg, was not affected by the weather extremes. The region contributes more than 45% of Australia's annual macadamia production and the harvest here is on track so far. Total Australian production was estimated at 49,340 mt of in-shell macadamias (3.5% moisture content) in May, which would be 10% less than in 2021. Burnett still believes these estimates are realistic and stresses that growers have been working hard to minimise crop loss. Initial fears of poorer quality have also not materialised so far.

“The Australian industry is back on track and is shipping premium kernel around the world. Our production is stable, quality is good and there’s every reason to invest in Australian grown macadamias if you’re looking to develop food and beverage products that meet the health, taste and versatility needs of today’s discerning consumers”, Burnett explains. The next report about the Australian macadamia crop is due in September.

Macadamias, Kenya

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