Pistachios: shipments to Europe and Asia pick up

January 18, 2021 4:08 PM, Der AUDITOR
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SACRAMENTO. The Administrative Committee for Pistachios registered a surge in US shipments to Europe in December. Total shipments are even up 126% in December 2020 over December 2019. Traders in Germany also report that demand is up for pistachios from Iran.

Sharp rise in US shipments

In shell pistachio crop receipts ranged at 476,340 mt in December, a rise of nearly 150,000 mt or 44% over December 2019. Coupled with last season's carry overs gross inventories are estimated at around 540,000 mt, which is also around 150,000 mt or 40% up on 2019. With domestic shipments ranging at 35,330 mt and overseas shipments at 96,493 mt the US has shipped a total of 131,823 mt in the first four months of the season. China remains the key driver with US year to date shipments up 48% at 44,470 mt over the same period on 2019/2020. Honkg Kong ranks second (-21% to 11,016 mt) and Germany (+68% to 8,916 mt) third. Shipments to Europe have, in fact, risen sharply by 53% to 24,472 since the start of the season in September. Asia, nevertheless, remains the most important export destination with shipments ranging 22% higher than in 2019/2020 at 60,301 mt.

US exports have surged in December 2020 and range 126% higher than in December 2019. Shipments to Asia nearly tripled in December 2020 to 12,274 mt over December 2019 with monthly shipments to China rising sevenfold to 7,765 mt and to Hong Kong nearly tripling to 3,035 mt. December shipments to Europe more than doubled to 10,420 mt as shipments to Germany nearly rose fivefold to 5,353 mt. Driven by a scramble to secure supplies before leaving the EU single market and customs union on 31 December US shipments to the UK also rose manifold to 958,43 mt in December. Shipments to the Netherlands, in addition, nearly tripled to 949 mt. US shipments to Spain, by contrast, declined by 14% to 1,181 mt.

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Administrative Committee for Pistachios, Sep-Dec

Demand is up for pistachios from Iran

Buyers in Germany also report good demand for pistachios from Iran, especially for natural kernels, which are distinguished for their taste. The Iranian Pistachio Association futher states that availaiblity of this variety is good. Issue, however, is that the Iranian rial has recently gained in value, which is driving up export prices. Natural open mouth pistachios from Iran are currently trading at prices starting at EUR 6.00/kg FCA Hamburg.

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