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Prunes: Chile's production higher than expected

June 22, 2022 3:31 PM, Der AUDITOR
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SANTIAGO/SACRAMENTO. In its latest report, the Chile Prunes Association once again confirms the result of the prune production. According to the experts, the war between Russia and Ukraine is also affecting Chile's exports.

71,000 mt have been processed

With Chile's 2022 prune production coming to a close, experts are taking another look at this year's results in detail. According to the executive director of the Chile Prunes Association, Pedro Acuña, around 90,000 mt of prunes were harvested in Chile this season, of which 19,000 mt were traded as fresh fruit. Around 71,000 mt were processed into prunes, the result of which was estimated at 57,510 mt during the International Nut and Dried Fruit Congress in May. According to Acuña, production was slightly higher than originally expected, while at the same time the fruits were slightly smaller. The sugar content in the fruit was sufficient and this year's crop was of "excellent quality".

International stocks shrink

Although the global availability of prunes is lower than in previous years, especially due to the crop losses in France, traders express satisfaction. In California, an average crop of 68,000 mt is expected and the experts of the California Prune Board are optimistic about the quality and size of the fruit.

Prices are significantly higher, yet demand remains stable as there are hardly any alternatives. At the same time, the Chile Prunes Association reported that Russia was previously one of the most important importers of Chilean prunes, but since the beginning of the war, the country has increasingly imported goods from Serbia.

First shipments of the new crop

After some delays due to logistical difficulties, the first shipments from Chile's new prune production are gradually arriving on the European market, which is why prices have eased in some cases. Chilean prunes, pitted, 40/50 are available from EUR 5.05/kg FCA Spain on the European spot market, for 60/70 the offers are around EUR 4.85/kg FCA Spain.




Unpitted, 30/40, France


Unpitted, 30/40, Chile


Pitted, 40/50, Chile


Pitted, 60/70, Chile


FCA Spain

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