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Pumpkin seeds: exporters engage in price war

June 3, 2020 4:02 PM, Der AUDITOR
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PEKING. Pumpkin seed exporters are currently engaging in a fierce price war in China. They are undercutting each other in a bid to attract potential buyers.

More organic Shine Skins in Heilongjiang

Market players state that the area sown with Shine Skins has risen by 20-30% in China. Sowing has, by contrats, declined for GWS seeds, which are considered less attractive. The are sown with snow white pumpkin seeds is, in addition, expected to rise in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia. More land has been allocated to the cultivation of organic shine skin kernels in Heilongjiang.

Price collapse for GWS pumpkin seeds

At the same time export demand is, however, very much subdued and market players are concerned that they will not be able to sell. The stable domestic market cannot give prices enough support. GWS kernels in AA quality, which are mainly popular with foreign customers, are already being offered with prices starting at USD 2.58 per kg CFR Hamburg - the same price Grade A kernels were offered at last week. The export prices for Shine Skin, Grade AA kernels has also declined notably since to last week.

Pumpkin kernels, China



GWS, grade A


GWS, Grade AA


Shine Skin, Grade A


Shine Skin, Grade AA


CFR Hamburg


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price chart pumpkin kernels, GWS, grade AA, China
price chart, pumpkin kernels, Shine Skin, grade AA, China
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