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Pumpkin seeds: prices remain high

June 30, 2020 at 3:50 PM , Der AUDITOR
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BEIJING. Although prices have more or less crashed for Grade A pumpkin kernels over the last few weeks, they still range considerably higher than last year.

New crop starts at prices of USD 2.95 per kg

A rise in prices is currently out of the question in China. Subdued export demand has, in fact, pushed the prices for GWS kernels nominally lower again. Shine skin kernels are trading in a surprisingly stable range considering that domestic demand is reportedly good. Prices vary by USD 0.10-0.15 per kg, depending on supplier. Grade A kernels are relatively expensive as prices still range well above last year's level, despite having lost considerable ground over the last few weeks. Grade AA kernels are, by contrast, trading USD 0.05-0.20 per kg lower than one year ago.

Although the start of the harvest is still a few months off, prospects are, nevertheless, said to be good and the plants are developing well. Due to the increase in sowing Shine Skin production is expected to be higher than last year. Traders also state that GWS production will suffice to meet demand. Grade AA Shine Skins are expected to trade in a range of USD 2.95-3.00 per kg CFR Hamburg at the start of the season.

Pumpkin kernels, China



GWS, grade A


GWS, Grade AA


Shine Skin, Grade A


Shine Skin, Grade AA


CFR Hamburg

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