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Pumpkin seeds: release orders prompt shift in prices

March 24, 2020 10:06 AM, Der AUDITOR
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PEKING. Pumpkin seed processing is up and running in China. There is a noted impact on prices.

Farmgate prices on the rise

The pumpkin seed factories in China are very busy. Release orders, that could not be carried during the two-month (compulsory) break, are being processed. Companies are, in addition, dealing with new release orders. Although only a few new contracts ar ebeing concluded, there is a rise in demand for raw seeds. Farmgate prices are on the rise and have given the export market a boost. Exporters in China are, however, also voicing concerns that shipments may not be accepted at the ports of destination. Traders in Germany, however, dismiss this concerns in claiming that pumpkin kernels are required.

Pumpkin kernels, China



GWS, Grade A


GWS, Grade AA


Shine Skin, Grade AA, North East


Shine Skin, Grade AA, North West


CFR Hamburg


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price chart pumpkin kernels, GWS, grade AA
price chart, pumpkin kernels, Shine Skin, grade AA
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