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Sesame seeds: area sown 8% smaller

November 16, 2023 at 3:25 PM , Der AUDITOR
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NEW DELHI/ABUJA. In India the area sown with sesame seeds in the second half of the year has nearly declined by 8% as compared with last year. Rajasthan is the main producing state and accounts for 30% of the nation's crop.

Rajasthan supplies 30%

According to RMSI Cropalytic and the Indian Oilseeds & Produce Export Promotion Council (IOPEPC) the area sown with sesame seeds has declined by 7.6% to 1,243 ha in this year's kharif season. As average yields ranged at 0.238 mt/ha the crop, nevertheless, had a good size of 170,435 mt. The seeds grown and harvested in the second half of the year account for 60-65% of annual production in India. Production reached 56,699 mt in Rajasthan this autumn meaning that the state accounted for around 30% of total production, followed by Madhya Prade

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