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Sesame seeds: growers are worried about their yields

May 19, 2022 at 12:06 PM , Der AUDITOR
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NEW DELHI. Indian sesame seed traders are disappointed with the current price developments. After the tender win and the arrival of good quality goods in the market, they had expected firmer prices; now the opposite has happened.

"Wilting diseases" create problems

Deliveries of the new crop from the growing regions are gradually arriving on the Indian trade markets, and the summer harvest is underway. However, some growers fear for their yields and expect losses. Locally, the crops are suffering from the extreme heat and farmers are talking about the so-called "sukaro", a term used by growers in the Indian state of Gujarat to describe wilting diseases. The devastating combination of cold night winds, abundant morning dew and scorching heat during the day is causing the plants to suffer and t

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