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Sesame seeds: prices collapse

May 12, 2020 12:18 PM, Der AUDITOR
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NEW DELHI. Indian farmers have started summer harvesting and the first sesame seed deliveries are slowly coming into the market. Until the beginning of June, the work in the fields should be in full swing.

Summer crop should bring over 100.000 metric tonnes

Indian exporters are groaning under the heavy supply pressure in the sesame seed market. Some containers imported from Africa are still being held up in the ports and are not being taken off due to a lack of demand or personnel restrictions, and domestic farmers have started the summer harvest. Until now, market players had reckoned that the summer crop could roughly double to 80,000-100,000 metric tonnes. By now, even quantities of more than 100,000 metric tonnes are under discussion.

The offers for natural sesame seeds are at a 2.5-year low of USD 1.42 per kg CIF Hamburg and also hulled sesame seeds are at  USD 1.625 per kg CIF and therefore as cheap as last in May 2018. Black sesame seeds with a 99.95% purity are currently traded at prices of USD 2.27 per kg. Provided that the harvest can proceed without disruption, no serious price increases are expected in the Indian sesame seed market in the near future.

Sesame seeds, India



Hulled, 99.95%


Natural, 99.95%


Black, natural, 99.95%


CIF Hamburg

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