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Sultanas: adverse weather conditions

July 7, 2020 at 9:35 AM, Der AUDITOR
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MANISA. Market players report that the weather in Turkey is so erratic that precise forecasts are next to impossible. Although temperatures have finally cooled down in Manisa, they still remain above 31C. Local rains and hailstorms have, in addition, caused massive damages in some places.

Rain and hailstorms

Heavy rain has reportedly caused severe damage to the vineyards. Images of twisted vines, reportedly taken at Alaşehir in northern Manisa, have been posted on social media. However, it should be noted that table grapes are mainly grown here. Damages have, however, reportedly also occurred in Salihli and Turgutlu, where sultanas are mainly produced. Since more storms have been forecats for Tuesday the market is on alert. Unofficial production estimates vary widely and range at 250,000-300,000 metric tonnes. The 300,000 metric tonne estimate issued by the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council excepting, official production estimates are lacking.

Market is unsettled

Other factors generating uncertainty are the Turkish lira, possible intervations of the TMO and the impact of the pandemic on consumer behaviour. Exporters in Turkey currently refrain from promoting offers for the new cropfrom peddling offers for the new season and any prices issued are based on current market prices. Organic sultanas are expected to trade around USD 0.30 per kg lower.

Sultanas, Turkey



RTU grade, Type 8, medium


Grade A, Type 9, STD


Grade A, Type 10, STD


Organic, Grade A, Type 9


FOB Izmir

Prices in China, South Africa and Chile

New crop RTU sultanas from China are currently trading at USD 1.50 per kg CIF Hamburg - much cheaper than in Turkey. Production estimates for South Africa currently range at 77,000-83,000 metric tonnes. In Europe, the sport market prices for medium flame rasins from South Africa range at EUR 1.70 per kg FCA Spain and Jumbo Thompson raisins at EUR 1.64 per kg FCA. Jumbo Thompson raisins from Chile are trading at EUR 1.96 per kg FCA Spain.

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