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Sultanas: overdue price adjustments

April 21, 2020 12:00 PM, Der AUDITOR
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MANISA. This year, the month of Ramadan starts with a four-day curfew. The curfew applies to all ages and will be effective in 31 cities as of 23rd April. Sultana exports have, however, picked up.

Exports continue to catch up

Exports are doing well adanve release orders for  longterm contracts are being shipped. Market players report that shipment, which were inititally to take place in May and June, and in some cases even July, have already been released. Turkey has shipped 174,422 metric tonnes of sultanas and raisins overseas since the start of the season, meaning that shipments are slowly starting to catch up with last year as export now only range 9,000 metric tonnes or 5% lower than one year ago. Last week, 4,575 metric tonnes were shipped overseas, around 18.5% more than this time last year.

Seedless dried raisin exports, Turkey



avg USD

avg EUR









Since the beginning of the season.

Export prices go down

After the Turkish lira declined to a historic low and a price correction was overdue the export prices have finally been cut this week. In addition, it is reported that the prices are also lower in Iran, South Africa and Uzbekistan and China. A lack of spot purchases is also responsible for the price adjustments. In the free market, the farmgate prices for type 9 sultanas, however, range at TRY 10.50 per kg, which is too high for many exporters. Market players are reckoning with a decline in exports in May. Exports will by no means be able to catch up with the volumes shipped in 2018/2019, not even if monthly volumes remain stable at 12,000-14,000 metric tonnes.

Sultanas, Turkey



RTU grade, type 8, medium


Grade A, type 9, STD


Grade A, type 10, STD


Organic, grade A, type 9


FOB Izmir

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