Mundus Agri Analytics

Identifying the Trend

The analytics function on Mundus Agri evaluates which commodities the users call up most frequently in a given period. Gold Members can use this feature for more detailed statistical assessments, which provide an overview of the countries and industries, in which enquiries originate. In addition, there is the possibility to directly contact the main prospective buyers.



The five products most in demand are already displayed on the Mundus Agri home page for everyone to see. Statistical assessments and further details are only available for Gold Members.

  • Select period
  • Search for commodity or select from top products displayed
  • Call up assessments on „Details“

Alternatively, several products can be compared in the same space of time.

Individual Evaluation

Several Commodities in Direct Comparison


In accessing the tab for „Top interested parties“ it is possible to view which users are interested in which products. The „Click history“ also displays which offers, reports and charts have been viewed - the ideal basis for the possible start of a commercial relationship.

  • Click behaviour in selected period
  • User distribution according to country
  • Distribution according to value-added step
  • Top interested parties (most clicks)

Top Interested Parties

  • Click history (what has been clicked)
  • Contact directly via Mundus Agri
  • Excel export of list of top interested parties

Click History

All Contact Details at a Glance

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