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Use the company rating system on Mundus Agri to help other market players decide with which companies to conduct trade without having to worry - no matter how big or small, national or international the company is.

Improve Transparency

To improve transparency, you have the option to rate a company several times should you for instance have had different experiences in dealing with the company in the past. The different ratings will then be considered in the overall standings.

View the Evaluation Form

View the Evaluation Form

Select the company you intend to rate in the Mundus Agri address database. Here you will also find a link to the evaluation form.

Overview of Ratings

“My Ratings” in your user account provides an overview of the ratings you have submitted and of the ratings submitted by our business partners for your company.

Top Companies in the AUDITOR

The companies with the best rating will regularly be published in the commodity information service the AUDITOR.

Company Ratings

Company Ratings

The company ratings on Mundus Agri are being continuously revised and adjusted. A comparable system does not exist in the food and feed commodity sector at present. The risks of ordering commodities in the global market from unknown suppliers is simply too high for companies to carry. Most companies, therefore, desist from ordering commodities directly in the countries in which they are produced. In so doing, they frequently accept much higher prices. There are, however, companies in the global market which reliably meet their contracts. Problem, however, is that advance payments are frequently demanded and the risk of losing money is considered high. A rating system for the commodity sector such as the one provided by Mundus Agri would come in handy here.

The Mundus Agri company ratings are set to become the centrepiece of the rating system. They will set the standards for the probabality of selecting suppliers for business transactions. The most different criteria for selecting suppliers will be weighed differently and considered in a clearly presented manner. Past delivery behaviours will thereby receive special emphasis. This information will be distinguished by the assessment of existing references.

The company ratings will prove essential for rating suppliers and their delivery behaviour. Our aim is to provide reliable suppliers with a platform.

Please note:

Only logged-in users with the appropriate authorization can write company reviews. Contact your company administrator to get activated.

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