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Aug 26, 2022

USDA: faulty agricultural data proves embarrassing for traders

CHICAGO. As Reuters reports the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) had to retract faulty weekly commodities export data on Thursday morning that generated a high degree of uncertainty in the futures market and forced some analysts to have to issue embarrassing apologies to their clients.
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Dec 24, 2021

Mundus Agri says Thank You

SEEHEIM. The Mundus Agri team wishes you a relaxing holiday season and a good start to the new year. For this reason, CEO Jakob Megow would like to thank you personally.
Jul 8, 2021

Südzucker: outlook for the current 2021/22 fiscal year confirmed

MANNHEIM. While Südzucker AG's group revenues increased slightly in the first quarter of the current 2021/22 financial year, group operating profit declined for the time being. For the first time, the quarterly report covers five segments instead of the previous four.
Warning messages
Feb 4, 2021

Germany: confectionary industry hits out at EU over Brexit chaos

BERLIN. The Association of the German Confectionery Industry (BDSI) blames EU hypocrisy for unnecessary problems in shipping to the UK. Shipments have become next to impossible with complex regulations applying ever since Brexit has been completed. Nearly 10% of Germany's confectionery exports are destined for the UK and the coronavirus is not exactly helping matters.
Nov 26, 2020

Vanilla: Covid-19 acts as a speed bump

QUEBEC. In the recently issued vanilla market update for November leading supplier Aust & Hachmann has dismissed the onset of the pandemic on the market as a speed bump. After years of extortionate prices, the market continues to change. Developments in Madagascar are, however, raising concerns.
Press Releases
Nov 24, 2020

Food retailers under fire for response to unfair trading practices

BERLIN. Food retailers Aldi, Lidl and co. have come under fire for voicing their opposition to Chancellor Angela Merkel over Germany’s newly proposed legislation on unfair trading practices. In an open letter addressed to the four largest food retail groups that hold an 85% market share the German Farmers’ Association vividly highlights and condemns the markets hypocritical stance.
Press Releases
Nov 5, 2020

Burger King: hypocritical support for McDonald’s

LONDON. Incredible but true. Burger King UK posted un unusual ad on social media accounts on Wednesday entitled “ORDER FROM MCDONALD’s” as tens of thousands of jobs are at stake in the UK hospitality sector. This advertising gag, however, not only urges support for other fast-food rivals, but also digs in.
Surveys and Studies
Oct 12, 2020

Germany: bakeries lose EUR 1 billion due to coronavirus crisis

BERLIN. A survey recently conducted by the local craft bakers associations and by the German Bakery Trade Association shows that sales have slumped by 13% during the coronavirus crisis. Bakery stores with cafés are particularly hard-hit. Issue is that fewer customers visit the shops.
Press Releases
Apr 22, 2020

Südzucker: not possible to assess impact of coronavirus pandemic

MANNHEIM. In the preliminary figures for the 2019/2020 financial year, which ended on 29 February, the Südzucker AG states that group revenues declined to EUR 6.7 billion. By contrast, a drastic rise in the group operating result to EUR 116 million has been observed.
Press Releases
Mar 18, 2020

Coronavirus: what happens next at the EU borders?

FRANKFURT. At the beginning of the week, the EU Commission published guidelines on the correct behaviour at the European borders. The problem is that the countries decide on measures individually and there is no EU-wide regulation.
Press Releases
Mar 18, 2020

Südzucker confirms that supply chain is up and running

MANNHEIM. In a recently issued press release the Südzucker Group has confirmed that supplies are guaranteed, despite demand being high. While the corona pandemic has brought public life to a standstill in many countries, Europe's leading sugar gaint has switched to crisis mode.
Press Releases
Feb 19, 2020

Dedere in Kazakhstan: welcome to the future of commodity trading

SEEHEIM-JUGENHEIM/NUR-SULTAN. Invited by the Ministry of Trade and Integration in Kazakhstan, a delegation of the Dedere Deutschland GmbH visited Nur-Sultan at the end of January to participate in talks on the digitisation of commodity trade.
Alerts and Regulations
Jan 16, 2020

Agroimpex: sunflower seeds with 99,99 % purity

KHERSON. In bakery and confectionery production, sunflower seeds are becoming increasingly attractive because they have been proven to contain health-promoting ingredients. One of the most important qualities is the degree of purity, which is directly related to product safety. Producers are always looking for ways to further increase the purity levels.
Press Releases
Jan 14, 2020

Südzucker: significant decline in the sugar segment

MANNHEIM. Südzucker presents its current forecasts for the 2019/2020 fiscal year. The sugar segment is weakening noticeably, but the CropEnergies and special products segments are scoring revenue growth.
Press Releases
Dec 19, 2019

Südzucker revises full-year forecast

MANNHEIM. As Südzucker has announced, the consolidated group operating results for the third quarter are much higher than last year. This has prompted the sugar giant to revise the consolidated group operating results for the full year. The outlook for the sugar segment, however, remains far from encouraging.
Press Releases
Dec 18, 2019

Germany: farmers to stage new protests

BERLIN. In a joint press release, the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft bäuerliche Landwirtschaft (AbL)" and the "Bund Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft (BÖLW)" call for an agricultural demonstration to be held on 18 January 2020 in Berlin at the same time as the Green Week.
Press Releases
Nov 18, 2019

Organic farming: lack of funds in Germany

BERLIN. The government has recently decided to raise the direct payments for environmental services performed by the farmers from 4.5% to 6.0% as of next year. This decision is in line with the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Although the Bund Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft (BÖLW)…
Press Releases
Oct 24, 2019

Dedere welcomes government delegation from Kazakhstan

SEEHEIM-JUGENHEIM. On Wednesday, 23 October 2019, CEO Michael Gütlich welcomed Kainar Taizhanov, Deputy General Director of the Accreditation Authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The meeting took place in Seeheim-Jugenheim in Germany, where Dedere Deutschland is based.
Press Releases
Oct 18, 2019

US sanctions: Lambertz hit by punitive tariffs

FRANKFURT. As CNBC has recently reported small companies in Europe are bracing for USD 7.5 billion in US tariffs. Agricultural ministers across Europe are highly concerned because many smaller food producers are hit considerably. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for instance outlines how the German biscuit producer Lambertz is affected.
Press Releases
Oct 15, 2019

Organic farming: double-digit rise in revenues

BONN. The press release recently issued by states that conventional farmers witnessed a decline in sales in Germany in 2018. Contrary to this the revenues in the organic sector increased notably. Organic milk is the main driver.
Press Releases
Oct 14, 2019

Cashews: Tanzania offers cashew kernels via online platform

DODOMA. The Ministry of Agriculture of Tanzania is reckoning with a very good production this year and has invested in a new way of marketing RCN. In this way the government aims to maintaing high farmgate prices. Farmes will, in addition, be able to offer RCN to national and international customers.
Dairy Products
Oct 11, 2019

Aldi and Lidl forced to recall discounter milk

ZEVEN/BERLIN. As media in Germany report the Deutsche Milchkontor GmbH and Fude + Serrahn Milchprodukte GmbH & Co. KG have recalled durable semi skimmed milk 1.5%. As the DMK ranks among the largest dairies in Germany and Fude + Serrahn is one of the largest suppliers for milk products the recall concerns several discounters such as Aldi and Lidl…
Press Releases
Oct 10, 2019

Südzucker: low EU prices fail to cover costs

MANNHEIM. As the sugar giant Südzucker has recently announced in its recently issued press release the consolidated group operating result has declined considerably to EUR 74 million between March and August. Last year’s operating result stood much higher at EUR 139 million. The loss is mainly driven by the sugar segment.
Press Releases
Sep 13, 2019

Nordzucker: Below-average yields expected

BRAUNSCHWEIG. With processing beginning in Chełmża the Group has officially launched the new beet campaign this week. Earnings are expected to vary greatly depending on region.
Press Releases
Aug 1, 2019

Nordzucker acquires majority stake of 70% in Australian sugar producer

BRUNSWICK. The Nordzucker AG has successfully completed the acquisition of a 70 percent majority stake in Mackay Sugar Limited (MSL), Australia's second largest sugar producer.
Press Releases
Jul 11, 2019

Südzucker: Expectations for 2019-20 fiscal year confirmed

MANNHEIM. In the first quarter of 2019-20, Südzucker AG's consolidated revenues fell to EUR 1,680 million. Revenues in the sugar segment, among others, declined significantly.
Press Releases
Jul 3, 2019

German Farmers' Association expects below average cereal production

BERLIN. The German Farmers' Association (DBV) estimates the national cereal production at around 47 million mt, which 1 million mt below the five-year moving average of 2013-2017. This estimate ranges 9 million mt higher than last year.
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Jun 28, 2019

Nordzucker to enter sugar cane business

BRAUNSCHWEIG. For Europe’s second largest sugar producer the first full financial year after the abolishment of the quota system has turned out to be a disaster. Sales have declined by 18% to EUR 1,650 million and the operating result has plummeted by EUR 58 million to EUR 96 million. Nordzucker is nevertheless confident that sugar has a future.
Company News
Jun 24, 2019

Dedere goes Russian

We are happy to announce that the B2B marketing platform Mundus Agri and the agri news platform Novella Agri are now also available in Russian. Our services for the food industry are also available in English, German and Turkish.
Press Releases
Jun 7, 2019

The agricultural platform Dedere secures financing from Hessen Kapital

FRANKFURT/SEEHEIM-JUGENHEIM. As part of a new financing round, the agricultural trade and information platform Dedere Deutschland GmbH has won another investor in the Hessen Kapital I GmbH (
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Jun 4, 2019

Strike at Nutella plant brings production to a standstill

VILLERS-ÉCALLES. The Nutella plant in French Normandy has now been on strike for almost a week.
Press Releases
May 29, 2019

INC publishes production perspectives for nuts and dried fruit

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA. More than 1,300 food industry professionals from 63 countries gathered in Boca Raton, South Florida for the 38th World Nut and Dried Fruit Congress.