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Blue poppy seeds: limited market activities

June 4, 2020 at 10:34 AM, Der AUDITOR
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CHRUDIM. Although large supplies of blue poppy seeds are available in the Czech Republic, producers are refusing to go down in price. The weather remains decisive for the new crop.

Concerns over possible adverse weather conditions

Trading activities are still rather subdued in the blue poppy seed market as farmers and traders are holding back with offers for the new crop. Although a record production is very well possible, the weather remains an essential factor for the development of the crop. Farmers are concerned that a repitition of last year's drought-like conditions may still prompt extensive damage. Rain may also have a negative impact and market players prefer not to speculate.

No price cuts in sight

Market supplies remain high since trading is very much subdued. Some buyers, especially from Russia, have also let down traders by failing to purchase the seeds they claimed to want to buy. as there is hardly any trading activity and especially Russian buyers are leaving the traders sitting on the goods they originally wanted to buy. Depsite the surplus supplies, the producers are refusing to cut their prices in a bid to avoid losses. Problem is that they purchased raw seeds at high rates. Czech blue poppy seeds are currently trading in a range of EUR  2.70-2.75 per kg FCA Czech Republic for prompt delivery.

Blue poppy seeds



Czech Republic, <10 ppm morphine, DDP DE

EUR 2.70-2.75/kg

Turkey, <20 ppm morphine, CFR Hamburg

USD 3.35 USD/kg

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