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Blue poppy seeds: Is panic about to strike?

November 16, 2016 at 10:56 AM , Der AUDITOR
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PRAGUE. They have held out for a long time, but Czech blue poppy seed farmers are slowly getting restless.

The success of their restraining tactics was questionable from the very beginning. Now that the good harvest results have been confirmed (approx. 29,000 mt as per Czech Statistical Office), farmers are having a very hard time selling their produce to traders due to the higher price level. Traders, subsequently, find it difficult to do any business at all.

Waiting is over
Farmers will have to bite the bullet and lower their prices, if they do not want to face financial difficulties. The price for Czech blue poppy seed is currently at 1.22 EUR/kg DDP Germany, and could remain that way for up to three months to come. No later than February, however, a downward tendency in price levels should become visible. That would reflect a season development much like that of season 2015/16.

blue poppy seeds, Czech Rep.

10-year balance


current, 18.10.2016


high, 24.03.2008


low, 04.05.2009




DDP Germany

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