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Desiccated coconuts: large suppliers restrict assortment

April 14, 2021 4:31 PM, Der AUDITOR
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MANILA. In order to increase production speed and make up for previous delays, large coconut producers are now resorting to rather unusual measures.

Focus is on desiccated coconuts

While Covid-19 vaccination campaigns are now well underway in many countries, others continue to face significant difficulties. These include the Philippines, where stricter measures are again looming. The past months have shown that these often lead to a significant slowdown in production. As producers have been trying with little success for a year to make up for the previous delays, they have now announced some changes. The production of desiccated coconuts will take priority over other products such as coconut chips in the factories. Because there are breaks during the production process when switching between different products due to the changeover of equipment, manufacturers hope to save noticeable time by focusing on fine and medium desiccated coconuts. For this reason, large suppliers such as T.M. Duché are temporarily not accepting orders for coconut chips and shredded coconuts.

Prices on the European spot market have declined slightly in recent weeks after previously rising sharply. Currently, fine desiccated, high fat, origin Sri Lanka cost EUR 2.65/kg FCA Spain.

Desiccated coconuts



Fine, high fat, Indonesia


Fine, high fat, Sri Lanka


FCA Spain

"Ever Given" stays in Egypt for the time being

The delays in delivery are continuing and this will probably not change until production can resume in a more or less normal way. In addition, there is the problem of the lack of containers, which not only means that traders sometimes have to wait a very long time to load their goods, but also drives up freight costs massively. An additional disruptive factor was the blockade of the Suez Canal by the freighter "Ever Given". The containers are still on the cargo ship - Egypt has confiscated the "Ever Given" according to current reports and is demanding compensation of 900 million dollars from the owner. As the insurers doubt the amount of the compensation, a settlement is not expected in the near future.

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