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Desiccated coconuts: prices increase by a third

November 26, 2020 11:08 AM, Der AUDITOR
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MANILA. The fears of market players have been confirmed: As the Philippines face numerous problems on various levels, coconut prices have increased significantly.

Damage to crops and infrastructure

The experts of T. M. Duché report that the prices for desiccated coconuts from the Philippines have increased by 33% since the beginning of October, for coconut oil even increases of 47% have been recorded. The reason for this were three strong typhoons within three weeks, which have massively damaged the infrastructure on the islands. In addition, there were power cuts, which also affected the coconut factories, and farmers reported severe damage to their crops, so that raw nuts are currently in short supply. In a

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Dried Fruit

Dried figs: limbo impacts prices

TEHRAN. While figs are being harvested in Iran’s Gilan and Mazandaran provinces and first local estimates on the new crop are available, the nuclear deal is having an impact on prices in the export market. Problem is that talks over a possible return of the US to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) were suspended in Vienna nearly four weeks ago leaving the deal in limbo.
7/22/21, Der AUDITOR
Dried Fruit

Raisins: technology is key

TEHRAN. Raisin production has started in Iran’s Kohrasan Razavi province. Harvesting is also underway. According to the local Agricultural Organization there are around 45 facilities for processing grapes and raisins. Traders, however, report that technology is an issue as the raisins processed here frequently fail to meet minimum health requirements in the countries to which they are exported. Excessive heat has also left its traces in the vineyards.
7/22/21, Der AUDITOR

Pine nuts: China's shocking dependency

BEIJING/REUS. The pandemic has disrupted supply chains and highlighted incremental problems. Pine nuts are no exception to this. The market was, however, stunned to find out to what extent China depends on external raw material supplies. China's production consequently fell well short of expectations in the current season due to supply chain disruptions. Production estimates have now been slashed by nearly 50%. Things are, however, expected to improve in 2021/2022.
7/21/21, Der AUDITOR
Dried Fruit

Dried figs: shortfall in production

AYDIN. The fig harvest is making good progress in Turkey. Growers are very much hoping for higher dried fig prices in 2021/2022. Although prospects are highly encouraging in Turkey, the INC has taken a different view.
7/20/21, Der AUDITOR