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Dried apricots: prices fluctuate strongly

July 28, 2020 12:11 PM, Der AUDITOR
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MALATYA. Little by little the new crop arrives on the market. As a result, prices have risen significantly compared to last week.

Continuous price increases

Market players report that harvesting has begun in the great plain of Malatya, while the trees along the coastline have already been completely harvested. In the meantime, the gutting of the apricots has begun, a process that will take at least a month. Farmers report a good quality of the new apricots. As the harvest in the higher parts of Turkey is still continuing, prices are expected to fluctuate in the coming weeks. There will be continuous price increases, already now the estimated prices are up to USD 200-300 per metric tonne above last week's price estimates. Exporters are waiting impatiently for the end of the drying phase and are very willing to buy, while buyers are now signing the first contracts.

Intervention buying is announced

From 30 July to 3 August, the Muslim sacrifice festival Eid al-Adha is celebrated, so that trade in Turkey comes to a standstill during this period. From 4 August onwards, the apricot trade will increase strongly and the price situation will also become clearer. However, market players are already reporting that prices for organic sultanas are likely to rise significantly. Initial estimates here are EUR 4,800per metric tonne for size 3 dried apricots; at the beginning of last season the price was EUR 4,000 per metric tonne. Damage to the plants, caused by diseases, is the reason for this. President Erdoğan mentioned in his speech after the cabinet meeting that the government will again make intervention purchases of dried apricots as well as figs, sultanas and hazelnuts this year.

Dried apricots, Turkey, 2020 crop



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Weekly exports have risen significantly

Last week Turkey exported 1.011 metric tonnes of apricots and apricot products, in the same week last year it was only 577 metric tonnes. Total exports since the beginning of the season amount to 95.609 metric tonnes compared to 98.458 metric tonnes in the same period last year.

Dried apricot exports in mt
















since the beginning of the season

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