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Dried apricots: slow start to harvest

June 23, 2020 10:23 AM, Der AUDITOR
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MALATYA. The first farmers have started harvesting apricots in Turkey with only small volumes arriving in the fresh fruit market. In addition, the weather is a matter of concern.

Not warm enough

The confidence of market operators is waning as regards the quality of this year's dried apricot production. Additional rain showers are to be expected in the coming weeks. Local hailstorms have also been forecast. Conditions wil be anything but good for drying. Problem is that excessive rains may cause the fruit to ferment, thereby making it sour, bitter and more susceptible to insect attacks.

In addition, the fruits are not up to standard. The cloudy weather and unusually low temperatures mean that the fruits have not yet reached the desired degree of ripeness. Ideally, temperatures should range above 30C, but the weather is cooler at present with temperatures ranging at 25-30C. Nighttime temperatures range at 15-20C, which is not warm enough since temperatures above 20C are required to provide ideal growing conditions.

Dried apricots, Turkey




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FOB Mersin, 2,000 ppm

No offers for the new crop

Recent reports stated that dried apricot production is estimated at 104,000 metric tonnes. The adverse weather conditions have, however, unsettled the market and suppliers prefer to wait before issuing offers for the new crop. Meanwhile, more offers for spot purchases of individual varieties are available. Farmgate prices currently range at TRY 4.00 per kg for their fresh apricots in export quality, juice qualities at TRY 2.00 per kg. Turkey shipped 1,258 metric tonnes of dried apricots and dried apricot products overseas last week, around 190 metric tonnes less than this time last year. At 91,037 metric tonnes the total export volume for the season ranges lower than the 93,421 metric tonnes exported last year.

Dried apricot exports in mt
















Since the start of the season

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