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Dried figs: shipments to Russia suspended

July 7, 2020 10:57 AM, Der AUDITOR
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TEHRAN. With several borders still closed or shut on a temporary basis transportation remains a challenge for Iran’s dried fig market. Russia has, for instance, suspended all shipments.

Exports to Russia and Georgia suspended

Traders report that many contracts have been signed over the last few months. Transportations is, however, not possible to many countries of destination as many borders are closed. The situation is at best complicated. Although many border terminals and customs have resumed operations with health and hygiene protocols in place, several border crossings to Iran’s neighbouring countries remain closed. Access is, for instance, barred to booming markets in Iraq, despite the borders in Mehran and the Khorramshahr sea border being open for the exchange of goods.

Operations also continue as normal with the Kurdistan Region, despite a temporary closure at the Sheikh Saleh border. Trading activities are, in addition, possible at the Iranian-Armenian border and the Iran-Nakhchivan border. The main transportation route to the CIS for dried figs is also open as transport by rail, road and sea to Azerbaijan is possible. Although limited rail exchanges occur at the border with Turkmenistan, road activities have been suspended and all activities have been suspended at the borders of Bajgiran, Lotfabad and Incheh Borun. By contrast, the borders with Pakistan are active as well as the maritime borders in norther Iran. Dried fig exports have, however, been fully suspended to Georgia and to Russia.

Price decline continues

Since the Iranian rial has lost in value against other currencies, prices have continued to decline in the dried fig market. Prices range EUR 0.24-0.28 per kg lower than two weeks ago. With the new season approaching, it is highly improbable that demand will drive up prices.


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