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Prunes: harvesting starts in Chile

February 9, 2022 at 11:29 AM, Der AUDITOR
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SANTIAGO. Growers have started harvesting plums in Chile this week. Producers expect this year's crop to be good. The upsurge in demand for fresh plums may, however, impact prune production.

Upsurge in demand in China

Production estimates range at 70,000 mt, which is a good average and roughly on par with 2020. Last year's crop was much smaller than normal and prompted supply bottlenecks. Prices nearly doubled. As Catz reports demand for fresh plums is particularly strong, especially in China. Since buyers are already showing an interest the farmers stand a good chance of profitting. Downside, however, is that this may impact prune production. 

Prices fixed for now

The exporters are still reluctant to issue offers and prices remain high. Rain impacted the quality of the fruits while drying last year and suppliers prefer to be cautious this year. On top of this it should be noted that carry-over supplies are very limited, which renders any reductions in price highly unlikely at the start of the season. Spot market prices have remained fixed in Europe in recent weeks and pitted prunes, size 40/50, from Chile are still trading at EUR 5.15/kg FCA Spain.


Type, origin


Unpitted, 30/40, Argentina/France


Pitted, 40/50, France


Unpitted, 30/40, Chile


Pitted, 40/50, Chile


FCA Spain


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