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Pumpkin seeds: market players rely on further upward trend

April 28, 2021 10:02 AM, Der AUDITOR
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BEIJING. The high export prices of Chinese pumpkin seeds are already causing a lack of interest from overseas, and high freight costs are making shipments even less attractive.

High freight rates and rising commodity prices

At present, a 20' FCL costs USD 5,200 in freight, and a 40' FCL is not exactly affordable either at USD 9,900. Nevertheless, market players do not expect prices to drop significantly in the near future and the current trend knows only one direction: upwards. Farmgate prices for Shine Skins, for example, climbed to CNY 16.2/kg this week. Demand for raw kernels is, however, rather moderate. "The market seems to have calmed down for the time being," said a Chinese trader. "But the problem is that most trader

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