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Pumpkin seeds: organic alternatives from the EU

November 29, 2023 at 11:27 AM , Der AUDITOR
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DALIAN/WARSAW. Demand on the Chinese pumpkin seed market remains weak, but is expected to pick up in January due to the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. EU buyers are increasingly turning to organic goods from Poland and Austria.

Nominal price fluctuations

Prices on the Chinese pumpkin seed market are largely stable compared to last week, with only nominal fluctuations. Growers' shine skin stocks are decreasing, with only 20% estimated to be left in farmers' warehouses. Market experts reckon prices on the shine skin market to remain stable to slightly lower throughout December, but to rise in January, when the Chinese New Year usually ensures that suppliers stock up on sufficient goods to cover all requests. Shine skins, grade A currently cost USD 2,950/mt CFR EMP.

Prices on the GWS market are also showing some weakness, although traders do not expect them to fall drastically. Overall, it can be said that demand from both domestic and export markets is significantly weaker than this time last year. GWS grade A kernels are currently at USD 3,540/mt CFR EMP.

Pumpkin kernels, China



GWS, grade A


GWS, grade AA


Shine skin, grade A


Shine skin, grade AA



Organic kernels from Poland are in demand

Meanwhile, the experts from Seedea in Poland report that the GWS harvest there is as good as complete. Due to stricter EU regulations, there are sometimes difficulties with the amount of pesticides used in China, meaning that European buyers are increasingly turning to pumpkin seeds from Poland or Austria; it is often difficult for Chinese suppliers to comply with the specified values, especially for organic goods. In Poland, around 5,500-6,000 mt of pumpkins are to be harvested for GWS kernel production, the majority of which are of the Gleisdorfer variety. However, as Poland and Austria are the only European countries with a larger pumpkin seed production, according to Seedea, the increasing demand for organic produce remains a major challenge for the time being. The situation is different for conventional pumpkin seeds; here, as in China, demand has been weak in recent months.

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price chart pumpkin kernels, GWS, grade AA, China
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