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Pumpkin seeds: shipping companies reduce number of vessels

July 25, 2022 4:42 PM, Der AUDITOR
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DALIAN. Due to the weak Chinese exports, the shipping companies based there now have to take appropriate measures. Meanwhile, the price increases are less dramatic than initially feared.

Domestic market becomes more active

After speculators announced new farmgate prices for last week, shine skin buyers were already worried about possible price increases to up to CNY 20/kg. Although prices were indeed raised slightly, they have settled at CNY 19.8/kg for the time being. Traders report that export demand is almost non-existent and overseas customers are now almost completely focused on the new crop. The Chinese domestic market is becoming more active again, but not to the extent of boosting prices. Market players report that more s

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DALIAN. Suppliers are only reluctantly issuing offers for the new pumpkin seed crop. Trouble is that it is impossible to make any reliable estimates. Speculators are still keen to drive up prices.