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Raisins: pesticides curb exports

June 9, 2020 3:58 PM, Der AUDITOR
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TEHRAN. The inappropriate use of pesticides and methods used to dry grapes frequently confronts Iran’s raisin export market with severe problems. One case in point is the Zanjan Province, where farmers very much rely on traditional methods of cultivation.


Inappropriate use of pesticides

The Zanjan Agricultural Organisation estimates that 212,718 metric tonnes of grapes will be harvested in the province this year. Although there are four active raisin processing plants in Zanjan the market lacks professionalism. Framers mainly rely on traditional methods of harvesting and drying, meaning that the raisins feature a high degree of impurity and can only be sold at low prices. The main problem for the exporters is, however, the farmer’s inappropriate use of pesticides. Buyers are frequently urged to beware of cheap offers from Iran.

Drastic rise in price

The prices for sundried raisins and sultanas have only nominally risen by EUR 0.04 per kg and EUR 0.07 per kg over the last two weeks since supply and demand are relatively well balanced. More drastic rises in price have, however, been witnessed for golden and green raisins, which are trading EUR 0.28 per kg and EUR 0.18 per kg higher. Problem is that warehouse inventories are low, and supplies are lacking.

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