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Sesame seeds: India wants to be a stopgap

September 15, 2022 at 12:36 PM , Der AUDITOR
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NEW DELHI. Estimates for the current sesame seed crop in India are already available, but there could still be corrections due to rainfall in Gujarat. Meanwhile, traders are hoping for higher demand from China.

Rain could affect yields

Since last weekend, it has been raining in the Indian state of Gujarat and market players are worried about sesame seed yields. So far, there have been no official reports of major crop damage, but forecasts from the weather service indicate that the rains are expected to continue until the end of September. Meanwhile, the Uttar Pradesh government said that around 400,000 ha had been sown with sesame for the winter crop, while local traders believe this figure to be inflated. Overall, the new sesame seed crop from Gujarat, Uttar Pr

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