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Sesame seeds: tender to offer no support

March 16, 2023 at 11:37 AM, Der AUDITOR
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NEW DELHI. Expectation is that South Korea will issue a new tender in mid-April but traders have little hope that this will lift the prices for sesame seeds in India. Sowing has also risen sharply.

Prices continue to drop

Prices have continued to decline sharply this week and are by no means expected to rise in the next two months. The new crop should arrive in the second week of May. Although South Korea will most certainly issue a new tender in mid-April, the sharp rise in sowing coupled with remaining supplies will weigh on the market. Trading will also remain very much subdued for quite a while.

Yields are, in fact, expected to rise by 50% and even if the weather turns out to be very bad the remaining stocks in India along with the volumes imported

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