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Sesame seeds: a brief tender update

February 28, 2022 at 10:12 AM, Der AUDITOR
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NEW DELHI. On Friday, the South Korean sesame seed tender entered its second round after almost all bids had been rejected earlier. Of the 15,000 mt originally tendered, bidders were eventually awarded contracts for a total of only 6,600 mt.

Second round, new luck

South Korea's Sesame seed tender caused a stir this time; after being postponed several times at first, it was finally published early last week. On 24 February, bidders had the chance to bid - whereupon almost all bids were rejected. Of the total 15,000 mt tendered, only Myanmar secured a share of 600 mt at USD 1,798/mt, while the remaining 5,400 mt of position 3, originally tendered at 6,000 mt, lapsed.

The tender thus went into the second round last Friday (25 February) and bids could again be submitted. This time with more success: For position 1 a total of 3,000 mt was tendered, but the contract was only awarded for 1,200 mt. India secured the lion's share with 900 mt at 1,799.99 USD/mt, while Pakistan was awarded the remaining 300 mt at a price of 1,798 USD/mt. The delivery date is 31.3.2022.

For position 2, a total of 6,000 mt of general quality sesame seeds was tendered with a delivery date of 29.4.2022, and bidders were awarded a total of 4,800 mt. With 3,000 mt, India was again the big winner, with prices ranging from USD 1,788 to 1,799.99/mt. Pakistan secured 900 mt with prices in a range of 1,754-1,797 USD/mt, followed by China with 600 mt at 1,799.99 USD/mt and Myanmar with 300 mt at a price of 1,798 mt.

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price chart, sesame seeds, hulled, mechanically dried, 99.95%, India
price chart, sesame seeds, unhulled, 99.95%, India
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