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Sunflower seed kernels: Is China back in the game?

November 18, 2016 at 11:19 AM , Der AUDITOR
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SOFIA. Although prices for Eastern European sunflower seed kernels are at a level that is said to be acceptable for both traders and buyers, the suppliers are complaining.

Raw sunflower seed prices on the Bulgarian market are said to be between 360-365 EUR/mt FCA. If these figures were used as basis for contracts, sunflower seed kernels, bakery would be sold at a price of at least 750 EUR/mt, one trader says. Actually, Bulgarian produce is currently significantly more expensive at 740 EUR/mt DDP Germany than that of Moldova. Moldavian sunflower seed kernels, bakery, continue to be sold at 720 EUR/mt DDP Germany.  


sunflower seed kernels, Eastern Europe



raw seeds, FCA Bulgaria


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Price collapse in China
For buyers of sunflower seed kernels, confection, it is important to know that prices on the Chinese market are currently collapsing mercilessly. Within a very short time, the price level has dropped by several 100 USD/mt. Chinese bakery kernels, by contrast, cannot keep up in terms of prices with Eastern European produce.


sunflower seed kernels, China



confection, CFR Hamburg


bakery, CFR Hamburg



Ukraine celebrates records
Ukrainian sunflower seed kernel traders have good profit prospects in this season. The crop is estimated at approximately 14 million mt. By the middle of this week, 13.16 million mt were produced on an acreage of 5.82 million ha – that is about 16% more than last year at this time. The Ukraine registered a record yield of 2.26 mt/ha for crop 2016. The production of 2015 reached just 11.03 million mt with an average of 2.2 mt/ha.
Already in the first month of the new season, more than 1 million mt of sunflower seed kernels were processed in Ukrainian factories, which also represents a record value.
Ukrainian exports were also satisfactory. Half of the country’s exports are sent to European countries, other buyers are Moldova (14%), and Turkey (8%). India increased its export share from 0.7% in the previous season to 10% in this season.

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