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Sunflower seeds: EU production cut

September 22, 2022 9:59 AM, Der AUDITOR
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BRUSSELS/BEIJING. Coceral has cut the EU production estimates for sunflower seeds by 16% and Russia's escalation of the war in Ukraine has directly impacted trading. Prospects, however, appear to be better in China.

Production revised

In the recently issued estimates for September Coceral has cut the EU production estimates issued in May by 16% to 9.01 million mt. Heat and drought have caused extensive damages in all leading EU producing countries throughout the summer. The association expects production to decline by more than 20% to 2.45 million mt in Romania, by 8% to 1.82 million mt in Bulgaria and by 12% to 1.68 million mt in France. Hungary has witnessed the sharpest decline of 33% to 1.18 million mt.

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