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Sunflower seeds: fluctuating production estimates

September 30, 2021 at 9:39 AM , Der AUDITOR
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SOFIA/KIEV. In Russia and Ukraine, the sunflower seed harvest continues to progress. In both countries, about one third of the crop has been harvested so far.

Discrepancies in crop forecasts

Agricultural media report that Russia has so far harvested 4.7 million mt of sunflower seeds on 3 million ha, which is a yield of 1.57 mt/ha. The USDA estimates Russia's 2021 sunflower seed crop at 15.5 million mt. In Ukraine, 4.27 million mt of sunflower seeds were harvested so far, yielding 2.12 mt/ha. About one third of the fields have been harvested until now. However, experts seem to disagree about the production result. Both the USDA and the Association of Oil Producers and Exporters (Ukroliyaprom) expect a year-on-yea

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