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Sunflower seeds: heated debates over Russia

July 22, 2021 12:55 PM, Der AUDITOR
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SOFIA. In how far Russia will able to hold on to the export duties of 50% is a matter of heated debate at present. Although local reports issued in Ukraine state that production will range lower than anticipated in Russia, a rise is still expected on last year. Imports to the EU have plummeted in the first half of July.

EU imports range at 9,000 mt

As recently isssued European Commission data shows the EU imported around 8,909 mt of sunflower seeds from third party countries in the first two weeks of July. This is much lower than the record volume of 23,107 mt already imported to the EU (including the UK which is no longer a member) in the first two weeks of July 2020. However, it should be noted that imports ranged at a similar level two years ago as the EU plus UK imported 7,883 mt in the first two weeks of July 2019. There is, therefore, no need for concern. At 3,000 mt, shipments from Russia account for more than one third the volumes imported to the EU in July. China supplied a further 30%, namely 2,887 mt, followed by Argentina (903 mt), Turkey (673 mt) and the USA (550 mt). The main destinations within the EU are Romania (3,241 mt), Spain (2,860 mt) and Germany (1,105 mt). 

Production in Russia is matter of heated debate

In how far Russia will be able to maintain the export duty of 50% in the next eleven months is a matter of heated debate. Issue is that the USDA estimates production in Russia 3 million mt higher than last year at 16.5 millio mt. Although APK-Inform reckons that production will range at a lower 15.8 million mt, this figure is still up on last year. Trading is subdued in Bulgaria and prices remain firm. Bakery kernels are trading in a range of EUR 0.92-0.95/kg DDP Germany for shipment in September to December. 

Sunflower kernels, Eastern Europe

Bakery kernels


Bulgaria, 2020 crop


Bulgaria, 2021 crop


Moldova, 2021 crop


DDP Germany


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