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Sunflower seeds: increased crop forecast for 2021

May 12, 2021 10:54 AM, Der AUDITOR
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SOFIA/BRUSSELS. Despite contradictory cultivation reports, market players remain confident about the development of this year's crop. Officials also continue to speak of a significant increase in cultivation.

Contradictory reporting

In the past few weeks, widely differing reports have been circulating on the progress of sowing in Bulgaria. While some market players insisted that only a small part of the fields had been sown, others reported that sowing was almost complete. In addition, the oil market and the high prices for soybeans, rapeseed and palm oil kept the sunflower seed market on its toes.

Confidence remains

Confident voices from the market report that the current weather situation creates good conditions for the d

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SOFIA. In how far Russia will able to hold on to the export duties of 50% is a matter of heated debate at present. Although local reports issued in Ukraine state that production will range lower than anticipated in Russia, a rise is still expected on last year. Imports to the EU have plummeted in the first half of July.
7/22/21, Der AUDITOR

Flaxseed: Canada gains market shares on Russia and Kazakhstan

OTTAWA/NUR-SULTAN. Heat and drought persist in Canada. Fortunately, flaxseed is more resistant than other agricultural commodities in dealing with these extreme weather conditions. Recent import data in Germany shows that Canada is gaining in Europe.
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Pumpkin seeds: suppliers need to be patient

BEIJING. Pumpkin seed suppliers in China need to be patient. Issue is that most customers are on holiday. Prices have, nevertheless, changed.
7/21/21, Der AUDITOR

Sesame seeds: sowing 17% down on last year

NEW DELHI. Farmers in India are busy sowing sesame seeds for the kharif crop. Recently issued data by the Directorate of Oilseeds Development in Hyderabad has, however, confirmed concerns. Buyers in Germany have turned to alternative sources as newly issued import data shows.
7/21/21, Der AUDITOR