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Sunflower seeds: many suppliers are fully booked

October 29, 2020 12:08 PM, Der AUDITOR
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SOFIA/MOSCOW. After buyers and sellers have apparently come to terms with this year's situation in the sunflower seed market, the market situation is slowly calming down.

Higher prices from Q1 of 2021

The prices for bakery kernels have stabilised for the time being and are at a level of EUR 930/mt DDP Germany. The farmgate prices in Bulgaria have remained constant at BGN 870/mt (about EUR 445/mt) in the past few days. The 2020 crop contains mainly small sunflower seeds, which is why the costs for the peeling companies for one kilo of bakery kernels are significantly higher than usual. For shipments in Q1 of 2021, traders are even quoting prices of EUR 960/mt DDP Germany.

Due to the high pric

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