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Wheat: new tenders from Taiwan and Jordan

February 20, 2020 11:30 AM, Der AUDITOR
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FRANKFURT. The wheat markets in the USA and Western Europe registered losses again, only on the Black Sea did wheat pick up slightly. Moscow expects a 3 to 5% higher wheat crop in the summer, and also corrected export expectations downwards by 1 million metric tonnes.

The wheat market tended to be weaker. In Chicago, wheat was quoted at USD 5.62 per bushel in the morning, which is 3 cents lower than yesterday; in Paris, wheat declined by 25 cents to EUR 195.75/ per metric tonne. On the Black Sea, the February date rose by 50 cents USD 223 per metric tonne. On the export side, Taiwan announced a tender for 102,525 metric tonnes of feed wheat for April-May and Jordan for 120,000 metric tonnes of milling wheat for September. New production figures were received from the Black Sea region. Russia's Ministry of Agriculture expects the

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