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Cereals daily: strong pressure on prices from the Black Sea region

October 14, 2020 11:04 AM, Der AUDITOR
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CHICAGO/PARIS. Market and price trends with first estimates.

Wheat: Agreste reduces crop estimates
Agreste reduced France's wheat crop by 300,000 mt to 29.2 million mt, leaving the volume 10.4 million mt below last year. No information was disclosed about the outcome of Algeria's tender. The Ukrainian corn market is currently driving up prices. Because wheat is also being offered only modestly, EU imports are increasing again. Imports of Canadian wheat rose by 90%, of Ukrainian wheat by 26% and of Serbian wheat by 648%. Ukrainian wheat exports are expected to remain 600,000 mt below last year's leve

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Buckwheat: China reduces acreage

BEIJING. The comparatively low demand is not without consequences for the Chinese buckwheat market. Despite the suppliers' restraint tactics, rising prices are not on the cards for the time being and the acreage has been reduced compared to last year.
6/23/21, Der AUDITOR

Buckwheat: Eurasian Economic Union decides on export quotas

MOSCOW/BEIJING. As previously announced, Russia has stopped the export of buckwheat, buckwheat groats and buckwheat flakes as of 5 June 2021 until 31 August 2021.
6/17/21, Der AUDITOR

Cereals daily: Eastern Europe's crops increase tremendously

CHICAGO/PARIS. Market and price trends with first trade assessments. China surprises with further import demand. COCERAL updates its EU production forecast. Algeria announces a new wheat tender.
5/19/21, Der AUDITOR

Cereals daily: massive market turbulence

CHICAGO/PARIS. Market and price trends with first trade assessments. Wheat prices shoot up again, corn, barley and rye also increase, in some cases quite strongly. France buys Romanian wheat. Weather markets and price speculation cause tremors on the stock exchanges.
4/21/21, Der AUDITOR