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Dried apricots: lack of new orders

March 24, 2020 9:00 AM, Der AUDITOR
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MALATYA. There is little movement on the apricot markets, as no new orders are concluded. Instead, orders from existing contracts are brought forward.

Factories must shut down

The market for dried apricots has reportedly come to an almost complete standstill due to Covid-19. Some companies have already had to close and those still working are taking care of orders from existing contracts. Some are preparing their supplies in the warehouses so that short-term orders could be shipped immediately. The fear of cancellations on the buyer side is pervasive.

Rising demand due to stockpiling?

The number of corona infected people in Turkey is constantly increasing. The government has already imposed a curfew on senior citizens over the age of 65. Citizens are worried and factory workers are reluctant to come to work because of fear of infection. Market players report that more than half of the companies will have to close within the coming week if no new orders are received. Their hopes are now based on the fact that there is rising demand for dried fruit due to continued stockpiling and the health aspect. Last week Turkey exported a total of 2,170 metric tonnes of dried apricots and apricot products.

Dried apricot exports in mt
















Since the beginning of the season

Positive estimates for new crop

The weather conditions for the new crop are still ideal and frost is not expected in the near future. The trees in the lowlands of Malatya are in full bloom, in the higher areas, the flowering period starts in early April. As there are currently no new purchases or exports and a good crop is expected, prices will remain stable for the time being. How the markets will develop in the coming weeks remains unclear and depends to a large extent on how the Covid-19 pandemic continues.

Dried apricots, Turkey




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FOB Mersin, 2000 ppm

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