Peanuts: US crop estimates corrected downwards

November 11, 2020 3:13 PM, Der AUDITOR
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ATLANTA. As expected, the crop forecast for the US peanut crop was revised downwards in the November report of the USDA.

USDA expects more than 3 million mt

compared to the October report, the US Department of Agriculture has reduced its forecast for this year's peanut production by 1% to 3.013 million mt. Nevertheless, the result is expected to increase by almost 22% year-on-year. By 1 November, peanut farmers had harvested about two thirds of the US acreage, 16 percentage points less than last year at this time or 10 percentage points below the 5-year average. A total of 657,000 ha is to be harvested, the average yield is estimated at 4.59 mt/ha. Last year 562,000 ha were harve


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