Peanuts: snow in Argentina

June 21, 2021 12:00 PM, Der AUDITOR
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BUENOS AIRES. Snow in Córdoba has taken Argentina's peanut farmers by surprise. This is the first time snow has been witnessed in 14 years. Although harvesting has mainly been completed in the areas impacted, quality is a concern. Issue is that kernels with a high moisture content may have been damaged. This is, however, not the only problem.

First snow in 14 years

Harvesting in Argentina has been in full swing since April. This year farmers in Córdoba were, however, very much taken by surprise as it snowed for the first time in 14 years as local media report. Several people have also shared images on social media. Argentina's national weather service has forecast that temperatures will continue to range at -2C to 13C over the next few days. Cornhouse is, however, not concerned as farmers are reporting light snowfall and the peanuts in the areas affected were already dug up in May. These peanuts should be dry enough to avoid quality issues. Kernels with a high moisture content may have, however, been damaged. The full extent of this damage still needs to be ascertained.

Fungus is a problem

Weather conditions have, however, been good for harvesting so far, especially since the kernels profited from rain in March. Argentina Peanuts is reckoning with an average crop as yields are estimated to range at 3.0-3.2 mt/ha in the recenty issued crop report. The crop will, however, fall short on last year's exceptional production. This is also partly due to Sclerotinia Sclerotiorum, which is a pathogenic fungus that spread in many fields. The peanuts impacted had to be dug up early, which resulted in losses. Exports are, by contrast, expected to hit a record of 721,725 mt by the end of the current season. Peanuts are trading firm with nominal fluctuations in Europe. Prices for shelled Runners size 38/42 from Agrentina, for instance, range at EUR 1.37/kg FCA Spain.


Size, origin


Runner, shelled, 38/42, Argentina


Blanched, 38/42, Argentina


Red Skin, 60/70, China


Runner, blanched, 38/42, USA


Blanched, 25/29, USA


FCA Spain


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