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Poppy seeds: Hard facts and figures

January 2, 2017 at 12:58 PM , Der AUDITOR
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The most relevant data relating to poppy seeds is provided in a clearly structured Excel file. Including: Background information, global poppy seed production, the import and export figures and prices.

FRANKFURT. A poppy-seed roll in the morning, a poppy-seed pastry at midday and an opium-scented joss stick as an accompaniment to a good book in the evening – an everyday routine for many!
It is illegal to grow poppies in many countries due to their “morphine content”. In Germany, it is only legally permissible to cultivate two specific sorts as well. In contrast, there is a long tradition of growing poppies in Austria. Besides its use in the medical sector (as a pain reliever and narcotic), poppy seeds are quite popular in the confectionery and swe

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