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Sesame seeds: supply glut in India

April 30, 2020 3:00 PM, Der AUDITOR
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NEW DEHLI. A supply glut has been reported in India as 375 containers of sesame seeds were ordered in Africa before the lockdown was imposed. An additional 25,000 mt were shipped from Africa in February and March.

Sluggish demand from overseas

Favourable weather conditions have also given the summer crop a boost. Production is currently estimated at 80,000-100,000 mt in Gujarat, a drastic rise over the 40,000-45,000 mt produced last year. The new crop will arrive in the market very soon. Although demand is rather subdued, there are a few enquiries from China. The exporters have already cut the prices for hulled sesame seeds to USD 1.68/kg CIF Hamburg. If demand fails to revive prices will decline further over the next few days. All hopes are now on China, where a possible rise in demand may lend the market some support.

Sesame seeds, India



Hulled, 99.95%




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