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Sultanas: no frost damage reported

March 24, 2020 8:51 AM, Der AUDITOR
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MANISA. According to market players, future trading activities depend on the success in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Despite agricultural frost warnings in Manisa, there has been no damage according to the producers.

Increase in exports 

The number of corona infected persons in Turkey is continuously increasing and measures are still being taken. Reports say that due to personnel bottlenecks in the ports of destination, goods cannot be cleared through customs quickly. In addition, exporters are to send the documents directly to the buyers by electronic means from now on and more purchases are being made against advance payment. There are a few offers for sultanas, grade A, Type 9, from USD 1750 per metric tonne for prompt shipments. As with many dried fruits, exports have increased because orders from existing contracts are being brought forward. Last week Turkey exported 5,181 metric tonnes, which is an increase of about 1,500 metric tonnes compared to the same week last year. Market players indicate that trading on the Izmir Stock Exchange currently only takes place two days a week.

Seedless dried raisin exports, Turkey



avg USD

avg EUR









Since the beginning of the season

Uncertainty remains

Agricultural frost warnings were issued last week for Manisa, but market players report no frost damage as producers have taken appropriate preventive measures. The value of the Turkish Lira continues to fluctuate against the USD and the Euro, and uncertainty continues to spread on the markets. On the one hand, traders and producers want to sell their farmgate goods at the desired price of TRY 9.50 per kg, while on the other hand, the bid prices of exporters range between TRY 9.25 and 9.30 per kg.

Sultanas, Turkey



RTU grade, Type 8, medium


Grade A, Type 9, STD


Grade A, Type 10, STD


Organic, Grade A, Type 9


FOB Izmir

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