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Sultanas: between shopping frenzy and buying stop

March 31, 2020 at 9:29 AM , Der AUDITOR
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MANISA. Significantly more sultanas are being exported from Turkey than last year at this time. In addition to early contract release orders, traders are also benefiting in other ways from the effects of the corona crisis.

Turkey benefits from delays

At 156,548 metric tonnes, the export volume for this season is still below last year's level. However, the increase in weekly export figures is closing this gap noticeably. Around 5,588 metric tonnes of sultanas and raisins were shipped abroad last week, which is an increase of 1,451 metric tonnes or 35% over the same week last year. Market players attribute the high export speed of recent weeks to various causes. Firstly, some of the buyers have brought forward the call-off of their orders and demanded immediate shipment. This is how they intend to bridge a supply bottleneck if a curfew is introduced in Turkey, which would affect production and exports. Additional spot sales were also excluded to compensate for pandemic-related delivery delays from China and Iran.  

Seedless dried raisin exports, Turkey



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Who has priority?

Exporters try to maintain production with limited resources. According to reports, many of them are working with reduced personnel to prevent the spread and, above all, to protect risk groups. This can lead to delays in production. If contract release orders and spot purchases are processed in parallel, suppliers may have to decide who to serve first. It has also happened, however, that goods that have already been paid for in advance have been held back at the customer's request or containers have not been accepted at the destination ports because the buyers have lost their orders.

After all, a good harvest can currently be expected for the coming season. So far everything is developing normally in the vineyards and frost reports are not expected for the time being.

Sultanas, Turkey



RTU grade, Type 8, medium


Grade A, Type 9, STD


Grade A, Type 10, STD


Organic, Grade A, Type 9


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