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Sesame Seeds (Market Report)

March 6, 2017 at 9:15 AM , Rainbow Exports
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Sesame Seeds Market Report:

  • Nigeria Market Information:
  • The arrival is slow and few people have stock on hand. Last week Naira local currency becomes stronger by 10 to 12% due to that international current prices are very high than compare to other countries but at the same time due to this Local market prices will also stabilize and will come down soon. Overall market will be stable for Nigeria Sesame Seeds. Local market there is no demand and due to that market is dropping slowly. There is less demand from china market this week. China local market is week and coming down which will affect the international market also. But there is demand from Turkey market for Certain Types of quality i.e. Maiduguri quality. (Small Tiny Seeds) 
  • Burkina/Togo/Mali/Market Information:
  • Less crop available. Market is stable. Prices has gone up for 20 US$
  • Ethiopia Market Information: 
  • The market has gone up by US$25 per mt. as per local commodity exchange.
  • Sudan Market information:
  • Market is stable. The conditions are same as earlier. There will be local demand and more local consumption in coming days due to their local Festival of EID. 
  • Indian Sesame Seeds:

This year there will be less sowing for the summer crop due to prices and scope for the other better crop by farmers. There is lot of stock of previous year as well as last year. The market has gone up in last week but again this week it has started coming down and since last three days. Prices are stable for the Sesame Seeds Market.

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